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Introducing mihu - Surrey based marketing for small business

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

This is my first blog post, so I can only assume I'll look back on this in a year's time and cringe at whatever I've used to do my introducing to the world. Just wanted to say hello, and to explain a bit about what it is I do with this new company. I've worked in marketing for about 18 years now, email, print, web, social, strategy, the lot. And I've been lucky enough to work for some amazing companies across the public and private sector. But as I hurtle towards 40, I've decided to get any crisis in early and start working for myself.

Small business marketing which brings results

I'm based in a pretty lovely part of Surrey, which has a real sense of community, a community which I am pleased to say has welcomed me, my partner and the dog with open arms. Through my regular stints socialising (!) at Woldingham Village Club, I've got to know some of the local business people - all sole traders or small business. I also help out the Club with their Facebook.

The combination of impending 40th birthday and chatting to some of the business owners I've met gave me a bit of an idea for some pin money; is there a gap in the market for low cost, website / marketing management for small business owners to compliment what is their strongest route to market (which is the quality of their work)? I would also never profess to be a coder, but I've managed and populated enough web builds over the years to be able to build a good looking one with quality content on Wix, Wordpress or similar. So again, a thought, is there a market for website build and management for small business? I'm lucky enough to have a couple of early adopters who have given me a resounding 'yes' to both these ideas, so we'll see.

What I will say is that I've built my premise on the fact that what you don't need marketing support for is, as I said above, the quality of your work. Repeat custom and word of mouth are the small trader's most powerful tools. Nothing can beat that. However, if you want to make sure your online presence is managed to match your 'in person' one, and you don't have the time because you're busy doing your job, we should talk.


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